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Yalumba Nursery has always had a strong involvement in vine improvement, particularly the South Australian Vine Improvement Scheme, from which it is able to access its vast library of varieties and clones.

In addition, Yalumba has always had a strategy of planting certain new varieties and clones as they become available which has also given us a resource from which the Nursery can access. Both lists can be accessed on the register of Varieties & Clones.

The Nursery has specialised in grafted grapevines since 1975 and over this period has built a large resource of A class rootstock blocks. This list can be accessed via the register of Rootstocks.

Vine export will depend on the quarantine regulations of destination country. Please contact us for further details.

Varieties & Clones
Library of varieties and clones available to customers.
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A list updated weekly of spare vines available for planting this season.
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Library of rootstock varieties available to customers

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