Redbank The Long Paddock Wines. The Long Paddock wines honour the ingenuity and courage of the early Australian drovers. Inflicted with cruel and regular droughts, these men and women faced the option of giving up and starving along with their cattle and sheep or flinging open their boundary gates and allowing their stumbling, starving stock to roam the bush roads and tracks in the desperate hope of finding food and water. Somewhere. Anywhere. This was known as “droving the Long Paddock”, a task that could take them away from their family and home for months and months. Sometimes even years. Fortunately some stock was saved. Unfortunately for some, when the rains didn’t come the heartbreak of seeing their stock die became a regular occurrence. Inspired by the courage of these brave pioneers, Redbank began sourcing selected fruit from many of Victoria’s premium wine growing regions. This was the beginning of the Long Paddock tradition. Today, Redbank selects much of its fruit for our Long Paddock wines from the high altitude King and Ovens Valleys in Victoria’s North East. View vintage details.

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