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These classic wine accessories from Pulltap and Zerrutti are available for purchase. For further details please e-mail negaus@negociants.com or telephone (08) 8112 4210 to place your order.

Please note we are only able to dispatch accessories within Australia and delivery charges will apply. 





Pulltap regular

Pulltap - Regular

Colours available - Black, Burgundy

Featuring a unique double lever system, contoured steel handle and serrated knife blade.


Pulltap - Bronze

Pulltap - Bronze

Same features as the regular pulltap, but with a contoured bronze moulded handle



Zerrutti Glassware - Handmade 11% Lead Crystal


The essence of a good wine glass is simplicity!

Good balance and a sturdy base are essential. A clear, thin crystal glass is a necessity to display the sparkle of the wine itself. A large tapered shape is unanimously acknowledged as providing the best conditions for wine to be swirled around and allowed to breathe, revealing the bouquet.


The Zerrutti mouth-blown, 11% lead crystal glasses and decanters made in Italy have been especially chosen to provide beautiful, elegant stemware that is highly functional and most importantly - very reasonably priced. The quality is superb and Zerrutti will enhance the pleasure of drinking and serving your wine.




 Zerrutti Large Burgundy Ballon white bgd

Zerrutti Large Burgundy Balloon

Mature, concentrated, full-bodied red wines are revealed at their very best in this glass. Put your nose deep into the mouth of the glass and breathe in the heavy aromas. In addition, the aromas of young wine must circulate inside the glass without evaporating.


A large surface area to swirl the wine accelerates the circulation of aromas, the narrow mouth of the glass preventing evaporation. Ideal for old Red Burgundy, old Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Rhone, Barolo, Barbaresco. Height 230mm.


 Zerrutti Lrg White Burg Tulip white bgd

Zerrutti Large White Burgundy Tulip

A great white wine is subtle and reticent to show its qualities. Its aromas must be gently released and allowed to circulate freely. The long bowl encourages the circulation of secondary and tertiary aromas highlighting the fruit and acidity. The specially designed lip directs the wine onto the tip of the tongue where the marriage between fruit and acid is most evident.


A long fine stem is required for holding this light and perfectly balanced glass, to prevent the transfer of body heat to the glass.

Gently move the wine around the glass allowing the aromas to rise to the top of the bowl. Ideal for White Burgundy, Chardonnay, young Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo. Height 245mm.


 Zerrutti ISO tasting glass white bgd

Zerrutti ISO Tasting Glass (machine made)

Conforming with the ISO Standard for International Wine Tasting, this tasting glass meets all the technical requirements. Light, well balanced made from a very clear 11% lead crystal, the processes of oxidation and oxygenation take place in an easy to handle, machine stamped glass.


This glass is ideal for conducting large wine tastings, when budget and space place limitations on the glasses to be used. Height 155mm.


 Zerrutti Ultimo Tasting Red white bgd


Zerrutti Ultimo Two Glass Pack

Zerrutti Ultimo Taster Red

The newly designed Zerrutti Ultimo glass has been developed to enhance the special qualities of Shiraz.


Although originally designed for Shiraz, once the glass was tested, the design qualities of this glass proved it to be ideal for tasting a wide range of wines.


Consideration has also been given to the actual user of the glass. Maximum size has been given to the bowl, without upsetting the equilibrium of the glass. Even when full, the glasses are not awkward to hold and retain excellent balance. The size is perfect for use with everyday meals and can be placed closely together in a table setting.


It has a proportionately larger bowl, rising more tightly at the top to allow for more vigorous swirling and to help break up the molecules which release more of the bouquet. The tighter mouth of the glass prevents the rapid dissipation of the bouquet. Height 210mm.


Two packs available.

 Zerrutti Champagne Flute white bgd

Zerrutti Champagne Flute

In early times the preference for drinking Champagne was from a very open style glass, but this merely had the effect of giving a larger surface area which let the carefully orchestrated bubbles escape more quickly leaving the wine flat and characterless. Today producers believe that a fine slender glass not only shows the wine more attractively, but allows the delicate bubbles to be highlighted and preserved as long as possible.


A long steady stream of bubbles encourages the airing process of champagne. The narrow elegant conical flute encourages the bubbles to stream. A pretty sight, the length of time the bubbles continue to rise are an indication of the wines' maturity. Ideal for all Methode Champenoise and Sparkling wines, to emphasise the natural rise of the bead. Height 285mm.


 Zerrutti Large Red Bordeaux white bgd

Zerrutti Large Red Bordeaux

Old red wines are delicate and fragile and must be treated with great care. A smooth, round surface with generous dimensions and long stem allow the wine to air well and encourage the tertiary aromas to develop quickly. Younger full bodied red wines also benefit by the features of this glass which softens the high tannins whilst emphasising the fruit and allowing the bouquet to fully develop.


Hold the glass by the base, swirling gently.


Ideal for Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rhone Valley styles, old Shiraz, great Chianti. Height 265mm.


 Zerrutti Cognac Glass

Zerrutti Cognac Balloon

A balloon glass is the only way to taste great brandy. The fine crystal in this glass and large bowl allow the hand to warm the glass and with a single swirl, the essential aromas are released and concentrated through its narrowed opening. Height 145mm.


 Zerrutti Super Taster white bgd

Zerrutti Super Taster

To appreciate young wine it must be treated roughly, shaken around, to break up its molecules and reveal what will eventually be its maturity. Unlike the popular ISO Standard 21.5cl glass, noted authority Alexis Lichine advises that the bowl of the glass should be the size of an apple or orange.


This glass with tapered mouth is the most suitable style for tasting all wines. When used on the table, this glass is ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and all young red wines. Height 225mm.





Wines of a certain age often contain sediment - though quite normal, it causes unattractive cloudiness in the wine and a disagreeable sensation in the mouth. The sediment should be separated from the wine by decanting. The wine should be gently poured into a decanter, leaving the sediment in the bottle.


Decanting not only separates the sediment from the wine, but also brings about various changes in the wine itself. Old wines are sometimes describes as "reduced" however with aeration this characteristic disappears. Similarly younger wines improve dramatically with aeration, the bouquet enhanced and harsh characteristics softened.


The Zerrutti range offers a choice of interesting shapes at remarkable prices, the clean lines enhancing the colour of the wine, while the generous proportions allow effective breathing of the wine.



 Zerrutti Tecno Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti Tecno Decanter with nickel handle

Another modern design based on the principles of traditional wine presentation. An elegant, angled decanter offers a large surface area for breathing, perfect balance and basket style handle for pouring control without drips.


 Zerrutti Duck Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti Canard Decanter - 'Duck'

Based on the shape of the popular French L'Esprit designed decanter, the crystal 'Canard' features a silver plated handle. The stylish design is suitable for decanting both young and aged wines and is durable enough to be used on a daily basis.


 Zerrutti Turn Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti Turn Decanter with separate silver base

A very effective design to breathe wine quickly, based on an ancient shape. The decanter is allowed to "roll" around the table gently swirling the wine allowing the entire contents to come into contact with air. Stored on a silver plated base when not in use.


 Zerrutti Classico Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti Classico Decanter with silver plated funnel

Made from 11% lead crystal, this hand made decanter is the only one in the Zerrutti range capable of decanting a magnum. It is perfectly suited to this task as it includes a silver plated funnel which carefully directs the stream of wine around the edge of the decanter to maximise breathing. It is a sensational way to display any great wine.


 Zerrutti New Line Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti New Line Decanter

A simple but elegant crystal decanter of modern style perfect for any table.


 Zerrutti Rossi Decanter white bgd

Zerrutti Rossi Decanter

A traditional shape from Chianti has an enormous surface area to allow breathing to take place quickly.




Ice Buckets



 Zerrutti Acrylic Champagne Bowl white bgd

Zerrutti Acrylic Champagne Bowl, Silver Base 

Crafted after the classic champagne bowls used in French brasseries since the early 1900's, this attractive acrylic bowl has a solid silver plated base. The weight of the base helps balance the bowl and for major events, being able to display 5-6 bottles makes for a great start.


 Zerrutti Glass Champagne Bucket white bgd

Zerrutti Glass Ice Bucket

Beautiful, classically shaped crystal clear glass, allows perfect vision of the bottle while it is cooled. Perfect presentation for a great bottle.





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